Enphase Inverters

Using advanced system-based technology, Enphase is motivated to empower everyone to reduce their carbon footprint and become aware of natures free energy source: solar power. Located in California, Enphase has been providing customers all over the world with smart, reliable, and high quality product for several years. On a mission to revolutionize solar power generation on a global scale for both homes and businesses, they combine the technology of solar power and communications practices to create innovative product that provides clean, green energy to homes and business world wide. Such products increase energy conversion levels up to 25%; a percentage that astounds both consumers and competitors alike.

Leveraging the expertise of over 10 solar power veterans on the Enphase team, and combining that with networking technologies, Enphase products continue to see significant advancement in the field. Their products show great reliability and intelligence when put into action, whether that be on local roof-tops or business parks. The Enphase system is a unique combination of several technologies integrated together to create one efficient product. These systems consist of a Microinverter, Envoy Communications, and enlighten software; each part of the system plays an important role in converting photovoltaic cells into a current that is suitable electricity production. The Micro inverter connects each solar module so that the photovoltaic cells can be converted into a current. The Envoy Communications system speaks to and networks with each microinverter to send performance information to the internet. The software then enables the performance information to be readable for the consumer. By using multiple levels of intelligence, Enphase has created an exciting new solar power system.

This breakthrough in solar power didn’t happen on it’s own; it took a team of highly specialized enthusiasts, and a number of partners to create a safe, smart, and dramatic way of looking at solar power. These partners also understand and embrace the importance of solar energy, and solar energy production.

Such an understanding has lead Enphase Energy to receive a number of awards and accolades, recognizing and congratulating them on their involvement in the advancement of solar power. Some of these awards include: Excellence in Renewable Energy by Renewable Energy World, one of twenty five companies to watch in clean tech by Boomberg Business Week, Best of What’s New in 2008 by Popular Science, one of Top Green Companies and more!

These awards represent a strong leader in the industry that continues to innovate and create as the world begins to change. As the world changes so does the need for smart, safe, and pure energy solutions. By providing these solutions to meet the growing demands of an environmentally aware public, Enphase continues to be many home and business owners first choice.

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