Duracell Inverters

Duracell is known for being trusted everywhere by home owners, business owners, the industrial industry, and more. Duracell is probably the battery that you are familiar with when purchasing power for the remote or sound system. But not only can Duracell power your home appliances, accessories, technologies, games, and more, they can also provide quality solar power. Duracell solar power inverters can power your favorite piece of tech just like traditional Duracell batteries but with one extra perk: solar power inverters help to reduce carbon footprints and promote a living green life style. The solar power inverters that Duracell offers is ideal for home use to power electronics such as iPads, iPods, laptops, e-readers, and other popular multi media devices.

The Duracell battery options list is huge, so it’s only fitting that their solar inverter list is also quite large with a substantial amount of inverters to choose from that will fit any consumer’s lifestyle. Consumers can select from Advanced 2.1 Amp inverters, 0.7 AMP inverters, digital inverters, and recreational inverters. The Mobile Inverter 30 is part of the Advanced 2.1 Amp collection and is the most compact option available next to the Inverter 130 which is the shape of a cup holder. Don’t let the size of the Inverter 30 fool you; packed with 30 watts of power it can power a wide range of consumer electronics. Equipped with a 3-pronged outlet, the outlet alone is charged with 2.1 AMPS of power. In addition, the USB port has the highest USB power rating available on the market today. The flexible charging neck allows freedom of product placement so that power isn’t unavailable just because of awkward positioning. From the Inverter 0.7 AMP collection, the Pocket Inverter 175 is one of the best. With the ability to power two items at once, this makes the Pocket Inverter the ultimate multi-tasker. This inverter has enough power to power a laptop in your car while still being able to fit in the small space of a glove box.

Several other inverters are available to power larger objects other than laptops, iPods, and other electronics. From other lines of inverter product there are inverters that can power small appliances. Duracell has been in business for years, and has become aware of the need to provide solar solutions for consumers that lead a green life style. That is why they have produced these new lines of solar inverters, to use the earths ‘free’ or natural energy to power the lives of their consumers the world over.