Cobra Inverters

Cobra has been a well-known brand for years, selling and manufacturing products that have earned a reputation for being highly dependable and high in quality. One of the favorites in the Cobra family is their solar inverters, popular due to their unsurpassed ruggedness and environmentally friendly qualities. Cobra inverters are specifically made to power homes, though they do have other products such as radios for outdoor and water use. No matter which model the consumer chooses in the selection of solar inverters that Cobra has available, the user will be provided with plenty of energy to power appliances like blending machines, fax machines, TVs, radios, computers, fridges, and much more. They will work with the consumer so they have the option to experience pure green power. The product even includes a three year warranty.

Their unique design includes features that rival other company’s solar panels and have helped them to remain at the top of the pack for years sales. These notable features include multiple outlets, internal high-speed fans, an input range of 10 to 15 volts DC, an LED power meter, and high surge capacities. These distinctive features are part of every Cobra solar inverter and not only make the product technologically advanced, but safe to use. Having a safe energy source is an important part of powering home products.

Cobra electronics are safe and easy to use. Options such as their CPI 800 watt power inverter provides house hold power on the go. It converts power from a battery to 120 V AC house hold power, allowing the user to power their home office equipment or appliances from the car. The USB output also comes in handy when powering smaller pieces technology like video games, mobile devices, laptops, or music players. This is done by the solar inverters power to change the DC output of photovoltaic cells to a utility frequency that is more sustainable like the products listed above. This creates a direct current system from power to electronic device like a blender or iPod. Cobra is dedicated to powering the appliances and pieces of technology in homes that are necessary and fun to use, without leaving harmful carbon footprints in the environment.

Though Cobra has a large selection of inverters that are mostly home based, they also have products that are ideal for Marine and outdoor use; supplying the lives of individuals of several different life styles around the globe.