Canadian Solar

Providing customers across the globe with uncompromising value, Canadian Solar is one of the worlds most trusted solar panel product manufacturers. A leader in the methods of vertical integration, Canadian Solar is known for its unparalleled expertise in the solar power industry as well as their corporate financial strength and dedication to product value. Their financial strength is proven in numbers, having made over $1.5 billion in revenue in 2010. Providing quality solar power products since 2001, Canadian Solar is located in over 30 countries and on 3 continents. Their headquarters is, of course, in Ontario, Canada.

Proving themselves to be a contender in the solar power industry, they have received a number of rewards and recognition through out the years as being a company that provides quality product to it’s consumers. Some of these awards include the Top 10 Fastest Growing Companies in China by Deloitte Asia in 2008 and more. In their time creating quality product and winning notable awards, Canadian Solar has also broken and set records, raising the bar for solar panel corporations and manufacturers across the globe. A particularly notable moment in this innovative company’s history was in October of 2009, when they set new PTC ratings records for P-Type Silicon Modules. The higher the PV rating, the more wattage is installed on-site. The number that broke the record was 91.8% efficiency in their CS5P-240M module, one of their most effective and popular products available for consumers.

A manufacturer of solar cells, panels, ingots, waters, and custom designed products, Canadian Solar provides the necessary and natural energy that the sun provides for homes and businesses across the globe. In order to ensure customer success in their endeavors to go green and go solar, Canadian Solar offers customization so each product can be as exclusive as each customer. The car battery charger is a perfect example. Designed to prevent deep cycle and large battery power drainage by using the sunlight to trickle charge a battery when it has not been running, this product helps to reduce the cost of battery replacements. Other products such as E and Standard Modules use the same simple yet effective engineering to save energy in high power objects. Using free or photovoltaic energy, Canadian Solar reaches out to nature to create products that reduce emissions and protect the environment around us without sacrificing energy or power usage.

Saving energy in consumer’s lives and electronics, Canadian Solar products adhere to a strict high quality standard that fosters consistency and continual innovation. Always looking to create the next big thing, break the best record, or claim the latest in solar industry awards, Canadian Solar is actively working to create a better tomorrow for consumers and the environment.