Blue Sky Energy Charge Controllers

Getting their start in 1993, Blue Sky Energy began with a number of different products such as their RV power products, AC charging systems and recreational vehicle products. Later however, they found their true calling to provide consumers with maximum power point tracking products. In other words, MPPT charge controllers. These maximum power producing products compare output panels to battery voltage, and then continue to determine what voltage to use in order to provide the battery with the maximum amount of AMPS useable. The products that make this possible are sold world wide, including remote locations such as Antarctica. This is one example of how Blue Sky Energy reaches out to consumers that are both on and off grid. Dedicated to getting customers the power that they pay for, products like the Solar Boost 1524iX increase current charge up to 30% which means more power and no more wasted PV power. The Solar Boost 1524iX employs an advanced 3-stage charge control system which determines the proper charge of flooded lead-acid, AGM, and gel batteries to improve performance with little battery maintenance. There is also an advanced automatic equalize function which periodically conditions the flooded lead-acid to ensure maximum power voltage. It’s traits like these that make Blue Sky Energy charge controllers so versatile.

Offering a large variety of charge controllers, these controllers can handle applications that require high voltage to low voltage. Customers that use Blue Sky Energy charge controllers include the Marines, RV, industrial and private homes. These popular products provide systems that are tried and true with new, advanced systems that are on the breaking edge of technology. These new technologies allow data-logging and built-in website server for world wide access over the internet, which is both reliable and cost-effective. By creating charge controllers like the UCM, Solar Boost Duo, and Solar Boost 50, we can keep our skies blue and use our favorite tech!

Due to Blue Sky’s technological advancements, product quality and cost effectiveness they have become one of the most chosen battery charger controller companies in the world. This solid reputation was earned by recognizing the world’s growing need for more power and use of natural resources. These natural resources include the sun’s photovoltaic cells that can then be turned into a sustainable charge and then into power. Blue Sky’s products then control the charge consumers get so they get the most power out of their charge and their money.