Birdbath Fountains

A solar bird bath can be deemed "solar" for a variety of reasons. That is, there are different possible solar options which can be incorporated into a bird bath, including:

  • Lighting -- while bird baths are generally thought of as pieces of daytime garden decor, a solar light can make them equally noticeable and beautiful at night.

  • Fountain -- both bird and human visitors would enjoy a small, solar-powered fountain in the bath. Birds will be drawn to the natural sounds of fresh, splashing water. Also, because the water is not stagnant it is less likely that mosquitoes will lay their eggs in the solar bird bath.

  • Heater -- keep the birds coming back, even in the winter, by using a solar heater to ensure that the water does not freeze over.

Many solar bird baths have panels that are integrated into the baths themselves. It is also possible to find ones that have panels that can be placed at a short distance from the bath. With the former type, it is important that the bath is placed in the sun so that you may reap the most benefits from its solar type. The latter type can be placed in the shade, as long as the panel receives sunlight.

A solar bird bath will provide you with an elegant ambiance for your outdoor experience. It can be both impressive and convenient, and it will bring the sweet music of the bird chirping right to your outdoor garden or yard.

Solar bird baths bring the relaxing music of nature right into the garden or backyard. The soothing sounds aid in unwinding and relaxation. Of course, solar bird baths are more than just a soothing ambiance, they offer plenty of other, practical benefits:

  • Low cost - Adding a solar powered bath will not up your electricity bill.

  • Easy set-up - Solar bird baths may be placed just about anywhere in your yard. You do not have to worry about messing with trenching or electrical wires.

  • Easy maintenance - Solar panels have no moving parts and therefore do not readily break. They are easily cared for. For exact maintenanceneeds, be sure to read the manufacturer's instructions.

Due to their harmonious sounds, avian visitors, and clean energy use, solar bird baths are one of the most natural choices when it comes to outdoor decor.