Attic Vents and Fans

A solar attic fan provides many benefits. Here are just a few highlights which may appeal to you:

  • Cooler home - A hot attic often undesirably heats the rest of your home. A cooler attic will prevent this.

  • Lower utility bills - By keeping your attic cooler using solar power, you will save on the costs of running the AC off the electrical grid.

  • Easy installation - You do not have to connect a solar attic fan to your electricity. This means that there's no need to to deal with wiring or switches.

Your attic can act as a hot box during the summer months. Even with vents, hot air can accumulate (remember that hot air rises.) A solar attic fan will both push out this hot air while bringing in fresh air.

To be sure that your solar powered attic fan works as efficiently as possible, place the solar cells where they will receive the most direct sunlight throughout the day. A south-facing sloped roof is often a good location. Beneath a shady tree is not.