AquaPak Solar Water Pasteurizer

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AquaPak Solar Water Pasteurizer

Solar Pasteurization

Solar water pasteurization is the most economical and safe way to eliminate pathogens (bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc.) like cholera and salmonella from fresh water sources. If the temperature and time defined on the adjacent pasteurization chart are achieved the system is almost "goof proof" (Dr. Feachem, et. al. 1983). For this reason pasteurization is the process of choice for millions of gallons of milk, beer, wine, honey and many other beverages in the industrialized world. The key to solar water pasteurization is to ensure that the water gets hot enough for long enough time.

The AquaPak is a polyethylene solar water pasteurizer designed to achieve water temperature of 65 degrees Celsius which will reduce all pathogens by 99.999%.

The AquaPak employs a reusable sealed glass tube indicatorcalled a WAPIfilled with colored wax that melts when heated to the required temperature of 65 degrees C. Depending on the availability of sunlight throughout the day, an AquaPak can produce up to 3 gallons (maximum) of water per day, enough safe drinking water for a family of four.

The AquaPak provides a realistic long-term solution by eliminating the reintroduction of the offending pathogens to the digestive system.

The AquaPak is made from low cost polyethylene plastic (also used in food preparation boiling bags) with UV inhibitors added, and air-filled bubble pak sheeting (originally developed for the packing industry). Using only solar energy, the AquaPak can heat water to temperatures beyond 65 degrees Celsius, a temperature that will kill all waterborne pathogens (bacteria, viruses, parasites). The edges of the plastic layers are bonded using tapered seals so the AquaPak can pass a 10 foot drop test.

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