MK Battery, 8AU1H, AGM, 12V, 33Ah

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These maintenance-free 12V 33Ah sealed lead acid batteries will provide safe non-spillable power for a variety of 12V power applications.

These batteries are valve-regulated and made with Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology in which liquid electrolyte is suspended in a special glass mat material wrapped around each lead plate, thus making the batteries leak-proof. As a result, these 12V batteries can be installed in any orientation - even on their side.


Voltage at Direct Current (Vdc): 12 V
Amp-hour Capacity@ 20 hour rate: 32.5 hours
Weight: 24 lbs. / 11 kg
Dimensions: 8 5/16" x 5 1/8" x 7 1/4" / 211 x 130 x 184 mm
Warranty Info: 2 year limited warranty from manufacturer
Model : 8AU1H

12 Volt 33 Ah Sealed Lead Acid Agm Battery

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