Solar pool cover

A solar pool cover is somewhat of a necessity for saving energy and thereby saving money when it comes to maintaining the temperature of a pool. Even when a solar pool heater it utilized, a cover is still needed to retain the heat which is created.

Basically, a cover traps the heat in the pool area. By leaving this cover on for 24 hours at a time, the temperature of the pool could increase up to more than 10 degrees.

However, trying to heat the pool efficiently without the cover is nearly impossible. Doing this can be compared to trying to heat a house without a roof. The heat simply rises and exits the pool area without a cover to block it.

Another way to keep the pool warm is to get a cover that is at least semi-transparent. This way the cover can work in two ways. First of all, it traps the air inside of the pool area. Secondly, it allows the warm rays of the sun to seep through the cover. This further serves to heat the pool.

A pre-made solar pool cover may be selected from a variety of sizes and shapes. It is also possible to have one custom made as well.

To summarize, a solar pool cover will provide many benefits. For one, it warms a pool. In addition to that, it reduces water evaporation as well as chemical evaporation. Finally, it even cuts down on heat losses at night.