Solar Ovens

A solar oven utilizes solar thermal technology to fulfill a variety of cooking needs. They are constructed in a few different styles including box, panel, and parabolic. Many different foods can be cooked in a solar oven, including bread, meat, casseroles, stews, and even pizza.

Here are some of the main benefits associated with using a solar oven:
•Because it is slow-cooked, the food retains vitamins and flavor very well.
•Solar ovens are portable and can be used in remote areas.
•They run at no cost.
•No fossil fuels are depleted with their use.
•They make no contribution made to global warming.
•They are inexpensive.
•Their low cost and lack of need for electricity makes them practical solutions in developing countries.

The solar oven works in a very simple way. Basically, rays from the sun are concentrated by reflectors onto an insulated kettle or black box, where the food is contained. On a sunny day, temperatures can reach350°F. On cloudy days, temperatures of 175°F or more can be expected.

For many people, a solar oven is not just easy to use- it is also fun. Utilizing rays from the sun to heat food can be an interesting and informative experience. It is a great way to teach children and students about energy conservation or solar power.

One of the most common situations where a solar oven proves useful is on a camping trip. With one of these devices, there is no need to worry about packing fuel or running out of it while still out camping. The power of the sun is simply used in lieu of fuel canisters. This can be most effective when camping out in the desert or other sunny areas.

As previously mentioned, solar ovens are also excellent cooking tools in developing countries. People who have no access to electricity or other, often expensive, fuels can still use a solar oven. Such a device can pasteurize water, which is an incredibly useful step for disease prevention. In addition to that, because it includes little to no moving parts, there is also no need to worry it breaking down and requiring replacements.