solar lighting

Solar landscape lighting is actually simpler to install than a traditional wired light setup. One of the biggest advantages is that each lighting unit is self contained, so you don't have to run wiring back into your house or call to have the buried cables in your yard marked.

Since they are competitively priced with traditional models, there is no reason to opt for the more complex, harder to maintain system of grid-fed lights.

Solar sign lights are useful for exactly what their name implies.

The solar panel builds a charge during the day, and when the light falls below a certain threshold it switches the light on, illuminating your sign without adding a cent to your power bill after it is installed. Current models keep the light on throughout even winter nights.

Solar Lighting

Solar lighting is a great solution for homeowners looking to cut down on their daily electricity costs. It is also an ideal solution for providing light for sheds, gazebos, cabins, outhouses, back garages, and other locations that are not connected to the electrical grid. The freedom to install lighting independently of a convenient grid connection really opens up new avenues for the lighting. It can even be an energy savvy choice for places located on-grid as the lights won't add to your utility bills when you run them.

One great benefit of solar indoor lighting is that it is low maintenance and very easy to install. The only requirement is a good spot to mount the solar panel. To ensure that the panel receives the most possible sunlight it should be mounted on a south-facing slope for locations in the northern hemisphere. If a due south facing is impractical you can swing up to thirty degrees off from due south without significant productivity losses. The panel's location should be in open sun for as much of the day as possible, and out of the shade of trees or other buildings.

While indoor solar lighting is not as prevalent as its outdoor cousin, switching to it is a natural step to take after trying outdoor solar lighting. The applications for indoor use are surprisingly varied. Instead of path lighting, you can install low wattage bulbs into your dining room to enhance the ambiance for dinner. Instead of an exterior security light, you can install interior security lights, or even modify the array and batteries to run motion sensors or other security equipment.

Purchasing solar powered lights for the indoors is not just an investment in energy-efficient lights for your home, it is also an investment in the environment. Solar power is an excellent way to create a more environmentally-friendly home. Grid supplied power in the US is more than sixty percent derived from fossil fuel plants. These plants emit hundreds of millions of tons of carbon monoxide and other harmful chemicals into the atmosphere each year. As if that weren't enough, they run on a finite resource that is rapidly being consumed. One day, the fossil fuels will simply be gone, and we lack the technology to readily produce more.

Solar power, by comparison, runs on the sunlight our earth already receives. The sheer quantity of sunlight the Earth is showered with each day is staggering. In a single hour, the planet takes in enough energy to meet the demand for an entire year. The vast majority of this energy goes unused by us, with less than ten percent of the current global production stemming from solar power.

Installing solar indoor lighting will also save a lot of money down the road. The initial fees can be daunting to some. However, the money saved on the electricity bill will pay for the lighting in time. This fact, in addition to it being easy to install and easy to maintain, leaves few, if any, buyers regretting solar indoor lighting.

Solar Outdoor Lighting
Solar outdoor lighting makes use of darkness sensors which automatically turns lamps on at night.

Residential Solar Lighting
Solar Home offers a great selection of wonderful residential solar lighting of all kinds.

Sky Lights
Any room can be illuminated by sky lights— with or without solar panels.

Solar Lamp Post
A solar lamp post is the perfect way to light up a garden, yard, or walking path.

Solar Landscape Lights
Solar landscape lights are beautiful elements to have in a yard which cost nothing to run.

Solar Lights
The use of solar lights does not contribute to the pollution of the planet earth.

Solar Outdoor Lights
Choose solar outdoor lights from styles ranging from classical and antique to modern or contemporary.

Solar Patio Lights
Solar patio lights keep a home lit up at night while discouraging burglars from targeting it.

Solar Address Light
A solar address light is an easy way to make an address more visible both to guests and paramedics.

Solar Power Rope Light
Light up a pond, porch, or pathway in a fun and interesting way with solar power rope lights.

Solar Powered Lights
Solar powered lights are not only easy on the environment and pocketbook, but also attractive additions to any home and garden.

Solar Powered Outdoor Lighting
Solar powered outdoor lighting harnesses the power of the sun to light up the night and is easy to install.

Solar Spot Lights
Solar spot lights will illuminate the angles of a home or walkway for safety and convenience.

Solar Step Lights
Solar step lights are a great way to show off steps at night while making them safer.

Solar Street Lights
Solar street lights are a great option to light up an area for both aesthetic and safety reasons.

Solar Yard Lights
With solar yard lights there is no need to worry about them not working in the event of a power outage.

Commercial solar lighting
People all over the world have discovered the value of commercial solar lighting for the business or office.

Hybrid Solar Lighting Making Progress
Researchers say five hybrid solar lighting systems are already in place and another 20 are to be soon installed.

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