Security Lights

Solar security lighting is designed to be a very bright lighting option. To some people, "bright" solar lighting is almost an oxymoron- much solar lighting appears rather dim. However, this is because many of these lights are accent lights.

When looking for security lighting, look either for lights that have multiple LEDs or fluorescent bulbs. Anywhere from 5 to 100 is good for the LEDs, depending on individual needs. Either four or five is a good number for the fluorescent bulbs. These will be brighter than your average solar accent light, which generally utilizes just 1-3 LEDs. There is also no sacrifice of efficiency.

Many solar lights would not be able to last all night if they had to create such a bright light. However, solar security lights are not on all night. Instead, they operate for short intervals whenever themotion detector signals them to turn on. This is one of the methods they utilize in order to last.

In addition to that, most solar security lights are not self-contained. They have a solar panel which can be placed in the most advantageous place to receive sun, regardless of whether the light itself is in the shade. If a larger solar panel is used, even more energy can be generated.

There are a great amount of benefits which come with investing in solar security lighting. For one thing, it continues working during blackouts. Other security lights may not work when the power is out. Sometimes that is when they are most needed.

Another benefit is the complete lack of energy costs because they are powered by solar energy. The power of the sun is 100% free. After the initial purchase of the solar security lighting itself, there is no need to worry about any additional expenses.