Pump Control Timer Board

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One of our newest and best innovations ever, this pump control timer board is an electronic circuit board mounted to the back of the electrical cover plate. This board can be added to any of our 12, 24 or 48 volt coolers as an upgrade and is now installed standard on all new coolers in all voltages!

What does it do? The pump board has 2 main functions: to lower the output air temperature, and to increase the efficiency of the cooler by decreasing the amount of energy used, and increasing the life of the pump by decreasing the duty cycle.

The pump board has a built in timer that turns the pump on for two minutes and off for three. How does this decrease the temperature of the cooler output air? Since there is not a steady flow of water passing over the pad at all times the water held in the pad has a chance to get colder than it would if it was flowing over the pad consistantly. With evaporative cooling as the pad gets colder the output air also gets colder. The pump board also lowers the amount of energy used since the pump is "on" for less than half the time, and it will as extend the life of the pump

Pump Control Timer Board

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