Power Panels

Solar power panels appeal to different people for different reasons. Some people may find them desirable because they wish to do all they can to save the environment. Others simply want to do all they can to save money. Still others just love to keep up with new technologies.

Whatever the reason, a variety of people use solar panels as an energy resource for their homes or businesses.

Along with the different reasons for choosing solar technology in general, people have different specific needs which require different types of solar power panels. Utilizing solar panels for outdoor lighting is a common use. Purchasing portable versions to power chargers is another preference.

Permanent business, home, boat, or RV installations of entire systems are a more major investment.

Depending on where in the country a home or business is located, more or less solar power panels will be required to create the same amountof energy. For instance, someone who lives near the equator in a bright and sunny desert will need far fewer solar power panels than someone who lives in a cloudy city further from the equator. This is especially true during the winter. Nonetheless, both of these locations are very suitable for the production of solar power - where there is sun, it follows that there can be solar power.

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Outback Power FP1 VFXR3648A-01 w/ FM80 - 3.6 KW
Regular Price: $6,200.00
ONLY: $4,599.85
Outback Power FP1 VFXR3648A-01 w/ FM80 - 3.6 KW
Outback FP1 VFXR3524A-01, 3.5kW
Regular Price: $5,199.00
ONLY: $4,969.85
Outback FP1 VFXR3524A-01, 3.5kW
OUTBACK, FP1 VFXR3524, PRE-WIRED Inverter System, Both off-grid or grid-tied functionality, 3.5KW, 24VDC, 120VAC, 60HZ, SINGLE VFXR3524 FM80