Grid Tie Solar Panel Kits

The very latest generation of solar power technology boasts the exponential rate of progress we've been able to achieve throughout our solar energy efforts. While solar power technology was somewhat stagnant in its formative years, it's now considered the fastest growing power-production technology in the world. As part of that progress, we've transcended from those days of inefficient, low-power-producing solar panels, affordable only to households with larger budgets or commercial entities, to a time where more individuals and companies around the world now have flexible solar options they can leverage. A specific type of solar energy technology that offers a particularly promising opportunity for leverage is grid tie solar panel kits (also referred to as grid tied).

Perhaps one of the most significant solar power developments that not only provides families and businesses with the means to maintain green living standards and live self-sufficiently, but granting the ability to profit from it as well. In a grid-tied system where your solar-power production unit or system is connected to the main local utility grid, utility companies are required to essentially buy back excess power that you create through your PV system. This means that you may be eligible for compensation if you produce more energy than your home or business actually uses.

The most common type of this specific consumer incentive or compensation is net metering. During periods where your home or business is producing additional energy on top of what you are consuming, the inverter integrated within your system will convert the electricity you produce to the correct standard of your utility company and energy will actually flow back through your meter instead of the traditional one-way direction coming from the utility to your home or business. This backward flow makes it possible for the utility company to actually buy that energy from you.

Your monthly utility bill will report the amount of energy that you used and the amount that you produced, indicating your net production through the deduction of any energy outflows from metered inflows, stating whether you produced more than you consumed and if you're eligible for credit.

Shouldn't we have already knighted ourselves as Mother Nature's earth crusaders, participating in endeavors that promote a greener planet, such as integrating solar power systems throughout our homes and places of business? Yes. Of course, it's always preferred when we can actually get paid for contributing to a good cause. Plus, as more incentives are made available, more consumers will purchase solar panel kit equipment and technology, which then breeds investor confidence, providing the funding necessary to promote steady progress for solar panel technology.

What's not all that surprising, however, is the close-lipped approach of our utility companies. Although there's massive earth-preserving potential provided by grid tie solar panel kits, individual consumers and businesses producing their own power via exclusive grid tie solar panel kits is simply viewed as competition by the utility companies; especially if it means having to be the payer instead of the payee.

In addition, while there are certain mandates that utility companies must abide by, they still have the right to reject certain requests and applications. Therefore, you should contact your utility company first before you make any major purchases towards your grid tied solar panel kits.

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