Zomeworks Utrf-168 Passive Tracker with High Wind Kit

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Passive Solar Tracker for Photovoltaic Modules

SIMPLICITY AND ELEGANCE: The sun's heat moves liquid from side to side, allowing gravity to turn the Track Rack and follow the sun no motors, no gears and no controls to fail.

UNIVERSAL: Six standard UTR and UTR-F Track Racks fit all common photovoltaic modules.

EASY TO TRANSPORT: The Universal Track Rack is "knocked down" and packaged in one to four (depending on the size of the rack) easy-to-handle boxes that fit conveniently into a pickup truck.

Six Sizes Fit All
The Zomeworks Universal Rack System allows for almost limitless adjustment in both the east-west and north-south directions. Available in five standard sizes for holding 2 to 32 modules, Universal Track Racks are designed to fit all common photovoltaic modules, including ASE, Astro Power/PV, BP/Solarex, Evergreen, Kyocera, PhotoWatt/Matrix, Siemens, Uni-Solar, and most other popular modules. This flexibility translates to faster delivery, better quality and overall economy.

* Stainless Steel and Zinc Plated Hardware
* Both module specific and J-Clip design
* 10 year Standard Warranty with Extended Warranty available
* F-Series Track Racks ship partially assembled for easy installation
* UTRK 040 with dual shock absorbers for more stability and early morning wake-up fin for fast response. Lighter and easier to install. Ships via UPS.
* UTRF 168 now comes with four shock absorbers for improved stability (equivalent to a high wind kit)
* ZW-2003 Shock Absorber Exclusively from Zomeworks. Now standard on all F-series Track Racks.

Zomeworks Utrf-168 Passive Tracker, with High Wind Kit

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