Windw Energy Monitor

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Energy Monitor is a great tool to monitor the status of the renewable energy source to the load. The voltage, current, power and energy are monitored. The resistance of the Load is also displayed. Most Power Meter are designed for AC power line application, therefore, we design this one to meet the need for renewable energy applications.

The energy displayed is the energy delivered to the load immediately after the Energy Monitor is powered ON. The powered ON time duration is also displayed.

A unique feature to display the instantaneous rotating speed of the wind turbine in RPM (rotation per minute) is implemented. This feature is specially designed for our WindLab, WindCharge and WindPitch 3-Phase wind turbines .

This meter can be used for the Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) such that the maximum power from the source can be extracted by adjusting the optimum Load resistance. The resistance of the connected Load is also displayed.

You can press the Function?button to select the Data to be displayed in the following order: Voltage -> Current -> Power -> Energy -> Rotation Speed -> Time (MM:SS) -> Time (HH:MM) -> Resistance -> Voltage again.

You may also select the Scan?Mode to display Voltage -> Current -> Power -> Energy -> Rotation Speed -> Voltage again so that you can read them sequentially every 0.5 second.

The Auto-OFF" mode turns OFF the LED display after 5 minutes to reduce the power consumption while the Energy Monitor continues to record the energy delivered to the Load. The Scan?LED blinks to indicate this Auto-OFF?mode. You may also use a DC Adaptor to supply power to the Energy Monitor.

The Resistance" LED blinks to indicate the battery level is low. You should replace the old battery.

When the polarity of the power is reversed, the Reverse Polarity?LED is lit. You should reverse the polarity of the input connection.

The Energy Monitor samples the voltage and current data 2000 times per second. The data are averaged and the power and energy are calculated.

This Energy Monitor is great for learning wind turbines and Solar Panels with analysis.

Max. Display Voltage: 50.00 V DC
Max. Display Current: 500 mA DC
Max. Display Power : 25W DC
Max. Display Energy : 9999 KJ
Max. Display Resistance 9999 Ohm
Max. Display Rotating Speed: 3300 RPM
Time Display: HH:MM / MM:SS
Display: 4 Digit LED

Reverse Polarity LED Indication and Low Battery LED Indication
Power Requirement:
Battery: 6V (AAA type * 4 Pcs)
DC Adaptor: 9-12V DC (Not included)
USB Connector: Mini USB (Cable Not included)


Wind Watt Energy Monitor

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