Evergreen Solar Panel

AEE HE modules may seem like acronym overload but they really stand for Alternative Energy Engineering High Efficiency modules.

They are solar panels designed to make the most out of the sunlight they receive.

The CIS in AEE's CIS module stands for copper indium diselenide. This compound is designed to give you the best production possible in low light conditions, and not just when the sun is straight overhead.

AEE Panels

AEE Solar Panels

AEE stands for alternative energy engineering. The company was founded in 1979, well before solar power was being used for anything but satellites and spacecraft. Their goal was to provide an energy alternative to fossil fuels. Thirty years later, they are still going strong with an extensive inventory of solar panels, inverters, battery storage, and grid tie-in components.

AEE prides itself on their capacity to carry or locate even the most difficult to find components, so if you own an existing system and you need to replace a failed component they are here to help. If you've struggled to find the part you're looking for, they are the best place to turn.

Another point of pride for the company is versatility. AEE solar panels come in configurations ideally suited for almost any application. Want to wire your RV with panels? They can do that. Your boat? They can do that too. And of course, they have panels suitable for any scale of stationary PV system as well, from a small scale home system to an industrial system capable of running a factory.


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