PV Output, HELIOS H4, MALE/FEMALE, 10/1 , 100Ft, 1000 V, PV WIRE

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PV Output, HELIOS H4, MALE/FEMALE, 10/1, 30Ft, 1000 V, PV WIRE

Output cables and Interconnect cables are used between PV arrays, junction boxes, and/or inverters. Use them to extend module output cables or cut anywhere along the wire to obtain the needed length of male and female cable to run from the ends of a module string to a combiner box or to an inverter.

All cables are manufactured with #10awg PV Wire, which UL 4703 rated and double jacketed/insulated.  PV Wire is now needed for ungrounded arrays in conjunction with transformerless inverters.  This type of wire is required to meet the 2008 NEC if you are using a transformerless inverter.

All cables come assembled with one male & one female connector on each end of the cable.

  • Amphenol Helios H4 Cables:
  • Fully intermateable with industry standard
  • Quick and easy secure snap lock mating
  • Simple unlocking tool meets NEC requirements
  • Long-term UV and Ozone resistance
  • Highest current rating in industry
  • RoHS compliant
  • Complete Cable Assemblies available
  • Low contact resistance means low power loss
  • Ready for field assembly
  • No assembly required, no small parts to lose
  • Meets all new NEC 2008 requirements
    Applications:Type Photovoltaic copper conductors are suitable for outdoor rooftop applications without conduit and for use in conduits and raceways installed underground in conduit in wet locations, and where condensation and moisture accumulations within the conduit do not exceed 90C. Applications requiring direct burial is permitted for Type Photovoltaic per UL-854. Applications requiring type Photovoltaic conductor, temperatures shall not exceed 90C in wet or dry locations.

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