Magnum Energy MPSL250-60S Magnum Panel Single Enclosure

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Magnum Energy

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Magnum Panel Single Enclosure Low Capacity with Single-pole 60A AC Input Breakers

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The Magnum Panels (MP) are part of a new line of enclosures from Magnum Energy that standardize inverter installations and allow for the ability to expand the inverter system in the future.
Specifically designed for multiple inverter applications, the MP enclosures ensure safety and reliability by combining all of the major components required for a renewable energy system — inverter/
battery disconnect, AC overcurrent protection, grounding connections, and a full-system bypass switch — into an easy to install pre-wired enclosure. The modular design of the MP enclosure with
the Magnum Energy inverter allows it to be UPS shipped and easily assembled on site. Installing an inverter system is now as simple as mounting the MP enclosure, installing the inverters, connecting the battery bank, and if needed, bringing in AC power from a generator or the utility grid. Now all of the inverter’s required AC and DC disconnects and wire connection points are all together, and integrated in the self-contained MP enclosure.

The MP enclosures are available in four basic confi gurations: the MPSL-30D, MPSH-30D, and MPDH-30D are designed to be used with the Magnum MS-PAE inverter models when stacked in parallel; and the MPSL-60S, which is designed for use with two MS4024 inverters when stacked in series. These confi gurations provide different maximum power abilities to meet present and future requirements.

MPSL-60S (Magnum Panel, Single Enclosure, Low Capacity, Single 60A AC Inverter Input Breaker) Capability for one MS4024 inverter (expandable to two MS4024’s stacked in series using an optional MPX extension box)

Expandable: start with the enclosure and just one inverter and in the future expand to two inverters with ease, using the MPX.

Easy installation: all connections are frontmounted, including AC and DC breakers and the MPX.

Labor saving: panel is prewired for fast installation, saving labor costs.

DC load breakers: fits either din rail or backmount DC load breakers.

Convenient knockouts: knockouts on the side of the enclosure are compatible with most charge controllers.


  • Standard configurations allow future expansion using MPX enclosures for increased power

  • Enclosure is steel construction with a durable, white powder coat finish to help prevent corrosion

  • Built-in, pre-wired, full system bypass switch for inverter isolation/battery maintenance

  • Front-mounted AC and DC breakers for quick and easy operation

  • AC, DC, and Ground busbars with set-screw type compression terminals (no lugs required)

  • Full system capacity shunt (500 or 1000 DCA), allows easy connection to battery monitor

  • Enclosure and components are certifi ed for indoor use to UL/CSA standards

  • DC negative and ground busbars (negative can be isolated if PV-GFP device installed)

  • Battery positive busbar for DC loads and PV arrays included (not available on MPSH-30D)

  • Space available to add DC load/disconnect breakers (not available on MPSH-30D)

  • Standalone top plate provided to allow other (non-Magnum) inverter installations

  • Knockouts for inverter and battery cables, PV in/out, DC breakers

  • Data cables with 300-volt rated insulation provided to allow 240V AC inverter installations

  • Easy accessibility for fi eld installation/wiring of additional breakers/components

  • Pre-wired AC over-current circuit breaker protection to the inverter’s input

  • Space for additional AC breakers (depends on enclosure confi guration)

  • Inverter DC disconnect with inverter-to-breaker battery cables included

  • Plated copper busbars included for up to six additional battery positive and negative circuits


  • S60A AC Inverter Input Breaker (x1)

  • D60A AC System Bypass

  • 250A DC Disconnect (x1)

  • 500A/50mV DC Shunt

  • Inverter AC Input/Output wires

  • Inverter Hood (x1)

  • Data cables rated for 120/240V AC circuits

  • Router and Charge Controller Bracket



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