Hawker Pv1 Industrial Battery, Non-Removable Cells, 12V, 632Ah

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A top-of-the-line industrial battery that's optimized for deep-cycle photovoltaic service. Rated for 2,100 cycles to 80% depth of discharge. Batteries just don't come any more robust than this. In an off-grid renewable energy homestead with reasonable attention and care, these batteries can be expected to deliver trouble-free service for 15 to 20 years. Packaged with six propylene-clad cells in a steel tray. Features include heat sealed cell covers, the thickest plate grids in the industry, maximum density paste, with a multi-layer retention system that's wrapped horizontally and vertically to help hold active paste material onto the grids. We offer removable, or non-removable cells. The non-removable cells, with soldered, molded, plastic-encased cell interconnects are recommended, and are less expensive, so long as you can deal with the weight of these 6-packs. Interconnect cables are only needed between 12-volt trays with either cell version. Order multiple trays as needed for voltage and amp-hour capacity.

Hawker Pv1 Solar Industrial Batter, 2100 Cycle, Non-Removable Cells, 12V, 632Ah, Fn-6-85-13

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