Economy RV Solar Power Kit 85 Watt 12 Volt - RV, Camping

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Economy RV Solar Power Kit 85 Watt 12 Volt - RV, Camping

The 85W Kit includes a Single Solar Panel, mounting hardware, and an 8 amp charge controller with LVD.
* 1 x 85W Solar Panel
* 1 x RV Roof Mount Hardware
* Solar Panel Dimensions: 40.8 x 26.06
* 1 x 8 amp Charge Controller with LVD
* 1 x 15 FT Extension Wire kit w/ MC4 Connectors

The Solsum F Series continues the huge success of one of the most used SHS controllers. With a power range of up to 10 A at automatically recognized 12 V or 24 V it fits to a system sizes of maximum 240 W. The circuit board is completely electronically protected and with the LED user interface it is easy to check the battery state of charge at any time. Large terminals guarantee a simple connection of solar panels, battery and load. The Steca Solsum F works on PWM as a low loss series controller.

Model# Solsum 8.8f
System Voltage 12V (24V)
Max Module Input Short Circuit Current 8 A
Max Output 8 A

Solar home systems for DC loads
Night light systems

Design Features
Series controller
Voltage regulation
Automatic detection of voltage
PWM control
Multistage charging technology
Current compensated load disconnection
Automatic load reconnection
Temperature compensation
Common positive grounding or negative grounding on one terminal
Monthly maintenance charge

Sunwize SW-S85P 85 Watt Solar Module

The SunWize SW-S85P solar module delivers top-quality performance for all photovoltaic applications including telemetry, communications, security, rural electrification, water pumping and general battery charging. The SW-S85P can be used in single-module and multiple-module installations. Each module consists of two 36-cell series strings providing sufficient voltage for battery charging under extreme high temperatures. The modules are manufactured according to the strict requirements of international and US quality standards. 25-year limited warranty.

Features of the Sunwize SW-S85P 85 Watt Solar Module:
The glass surface is impact resistant and allows maximum light transmission.
Polycrystalline solar cells are encapsulated and bonded to the glass in multiple layers of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) and laminated with a white Tedlar backing insuring long life in severe environmental conditions.
A weather resistant junction box accommodates all wiring methods including moisturetight strain relief connectors and electrical conduit.
Bypass diodes insure reliable operation.
Anodized aluminum tubular frames add strength and durability.
Frames come with predrilled mounting holes.

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