Water Miser Safety Vent Battery Cap

Advanced battery cap reduces the escape of gases from flooded lead-acid batteries and increase retention of electrolyte. Reduced maintenance. Flip top makes maintenance easy when needed. Water-Miser Safety Vent Cap The most advanced industrial battery "flip-top" vent cap available today. Engineered and designed to encompass all areas of concern - ease of inspection and watering. Battery-top moisture reduction. Electrolyte retention within cells. Extended watering intervals. Fume-freer environment, as well as flame and/or spark retardant characteristics. An injection molded "flip-top" vent-cap addressing areas of safe and efficient maintenance during the routing servicing of industrial, semi-industrial and golf cart batteries. When a battery is equipped with the economical and reliable "Water-Miser Safety-Vent".... Usage Typical use is one cap per 2V cell in a battery. For example, the Trojan T-105 battery is a 6V battery with three 2V cells. The cap from each cell is replaced by the Water-Miser Hydrocap. Advantages There is no need to remove vent-caps - just flip open for inspection and watering Escaping gases, exiting through the moisture-return medium during the charging cycle, carry fewer electrolyte laden droplets, assuring that cell electrolyte gravities are being better maintained. Consistency of intended cell voltages and capacity characteristics are ENHANCED. Tops of the batteries remain much DRIER. Cell to cell and battery to equipment body-grounding is respectively reduced. Extended watering intervals are achieved. The bayonet quarter-turn design ASSURES PROPER FIT for all US manufactured batteries. Orientation of the cover assembly through 360 degree is standard. Safety Factors Externally initiated explosions, within the battery cells are virtually eliminated due to the incorporation of the flame and/or spark retardant Hydrophobic Cindered Disc. The built in Anti-Splash device assures that a minimum of electrolyte is propelled into the immediate area when the Flip-Top is opened for inspections or watering. The handling of acid-ladened vent-caps is a thing of the past: just FLIP OPEN, FLIP SHUT - lesser exposure to electrolyte (sulfuric acid) as fumes and/or liquid. The "Water-Miser Safety-Vent" can be Retro-fitted to any US manufactured industrial battery and most semi-industrial and golf cart batteries. Its design accommodates all single-cell fillers having nozzle diameters of up to 3/4 inch. Flip-Top Labor savings, during servicing, versus the standard vent-cap will more than compensate for the costs within the first 6 months. The top of the cap sits 1.5" above the battery. Allow another 1" for the filler cap to open.

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