10 Watt Economy Do it Yourself Solar Kit

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Our basic 10 Watt Economy DIY Kit is an easy to build solar energy kit designed in collaboration with Michael J. Caduto and Storey Publishing for his new book Catch the Wind, Harness the Sun: 22 Super-Charge Science Projects for Kids, a wonderful book that shows kids how to generate renewable energy that they can use in everyday life.
The 10 watt Solar DIY includes the 10 Watt solar panel, solar charge controller, 7 amp-hour sealed battery, solar output cable, 12V DC output with fuse and female lighter socket.
What can you power with this kit? In addition to charging cell phones, GPS, smart phones or other small devices using the female lighter socket, you can power some 12V DC lights such as our 12V DC desk lamp or clamp light show below. The 10 watt solar panel will charge the 7 amp-hour battery at a charge rate of 0.6 amp.
This means that in 6 hours of sun, you will add about 3.6 amp-hours into your 7 amp-hour battery. 3.6 amp-hours equals about 43 watt-hours of energy. The 12V DC LED bulb shown below only uses 2 watts. You could power the light for over 20 hours with the 43 watt-hours you generated in one day of sun. The 7 watt CFL bulb shown below would run for about 6 hours using the same amount of energy.
To upgrade your system, you can add the 12 Volt DC desk lamp or clamp light. With this kit we recommend the 12V LED GeoBulb for its low power consumption. Adding a digital multi-meter, shown below, lets you test voltage, current and troubleshoot your system.

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